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We realize that it takes your gifts of support through tithes and offerings to the church and to the various ministries to enable us to thrive. We believe God will provide for the continuation of Lighthouse Community Church through your generosity. Thank you for giving in any way you can to help. Together, we will realize the fullness of the vision we have to reach the lost for Christ.



The most important gift we can ask for is prayer. We need prayer warriors, people dedicated to lifting the church up before God in fervent prayer. All the other ways of giving, listed below, are very much appreciated, but without prayer, without direction from God, our efforts will be noble at best, but fall short of where God would have us. So please pray for the ministry, the leaders, and the community, so that our labor be not in vain, rather God-directed and fruitful for His glory.

Give your time...


Time is the most important commodity we have, we are given very little of it. We cherish it, we guard it, we try to use it wisely. That's why next to prayer, your time is our most valuable asset. We, too, cherish it, we need it, and our committment to you who serve is that we will help you use that time wisely too. There are many areas of ministry to serve in. You don't have to be a leader, you just need to have a desire to serve. Talk with the pastors or deacons as to how you can get plugged in.

Give materials...


We can always use various materials, supplies, equipment, etc. If you have items you think the church could use and would like to donate them, please click on the button below and submit the information along with photos if you have them. We will review the items and try fit it to a need. Check the library page for information on how to donate books, magazines, CD's, etc.

Give a gift of money...


As always gifts of money will be used to supplement and support the church and its mission.

Whatever method you chose, please know that we appreciate your gift and will use it wisely.

Thank you !